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JustSmileNYCThe saying is true – you only get one first impression. So, think about it – does your mouth accurately reflect your emotions? Your smile expression is one of the first features noticed during face-to-face interaction. When you exude positivity, a smile will indicate happiness, confidence, sociability, etc. On the contrary, when your emotions are down, your mouth will display just that –a negative vibe and energy. As humans, we are bound to have “ups and downs”, but you shouldn’t have your first impression skewed due to a lack of confidence in your smile.

To get an understanding of how others perceive your smile expressions, let’s preform a quick experiment that will analyze your smile. Start by standing in front of a mirror. Smile at yourself using your ‘normal’ smile. Next, look at the mirror and think of a hilarious moment in your life; reenact your laugh and smile from that instant. Let me guess, the second smile was much larger? … Although the ‘big smile’ comes natural when caught in the moment, people who are unhappy with their smile will quickly alter their mouth size and shape if they are uncomfortable with its appearance. When you are confident in your smile, your ‘big smile’ appears more spontaneously because you look (and feel) great! So let’s figure out what’s holding your big smile back – what it is that bothers you about your teeth.

NYC Men for a Brighter Smile

02-10-14 (121356115)Men are quickly realizing the advantages of seeking a brighter smile.
According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 1/4 – 1/3 of teeth whitening patients are men.

Although statistics prove that teeth whitening is increasing with men,
they tend to be more private than women about having cosmetic dental work done. Quite possibly, it could be the semantics of it all. Men are more comfortable associating cosmetic dental procedures with words such as “restore, strengthen, and protect”. In the case of
teeth whitening, a man would likely address the procedure as
“sorting out the stains”. Much more manly, don’t you think? Semantics aside, it is wonderful that men are improving their

Another draw to teeth whitening for men is that in-office teeth whitening procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist can leave the patient with significant results in about an hour. A few shades in a few hours, you can’t beat that!

The New Trend with Veneers in New York City

02-03-13 (166208376)The New Trend with Veneers in New York City.

Porcelain Veneers are perhaps the most beautiful, lifelike restoration
cosmetic dentistry has ever produced. With Veneers having a presence
since the early 1900s, it is no surprise that the related technologies
and techniques have seen significant gains. These advancements are due in part to the shift of trending aesthetic appeals. Previously, a
flawless smile was the ideal. Now, it is favorable for Veneers to
create a smile with realistic flaws, grooves, colors and shapes.

To satisfy the demands of the patients, dental ceramists work
diligently to create natural looking Veneers with imperfect features.
The creation of attractive-looking, customized porcelain Veneers is an art form that should not be taken lightly.

The New Trend with Veneers in New York City

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Invisalign in NYC

Invisalign in NYC

What is Invisalign in NYC?

Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth without braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten teeth, without metal or wires.

How does Invisalign in NYC work?

Invisalign uses 3-D computer imaging technology to depict the complete treatment plan from the initial position to the final desired position from which a series of custom-made, clear “aligners” are produced. Each “aligner” moves teeth incrementally and is worn for about two weeks, then replaced by the next in the series until the final position is achieved.

What are the primary benefits of Invisalign?

  • Invisalign is clear. You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.

  • Invisalign is removable. Unlike braces, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment. You can also brush and floss normally to maintain good oral hygiene.

  • Invisalign is comfortable. There are no metal brackets or wires as with braces to cause mouth irritation, and no metal or wires means you spend less time in the doctor’s chair getting adjustments.

  • Invisalign allows you to view your own virtual treatment plan before you start so you can see how your straight teeth will look when your treatment is complete.

What are aligners made of?

Aligners are made of clear, strong medical grade plastic that is virtually invisible when worn.

What do aligners look like?

Aligners are clear and look similar to tooth-whitening trays, but are custom-made for a better fit to move teeth. Some orthodontists and dentists have referred to them as “contact lenses for teeth.”

Is this a new way to straighten teeth?

For years, orthodontists and dentists have used removable appliances for limited treatment. Today, with the application of computer technology and custom manufacturing, Invisalign treats a broader range of cases with greater precision.

How old is the company?

Align Technology, Inc., the company that manufactures Invisalign, was founded in 1997. Since then, Align has manufactured over 10,000,000 aligners and 250,000 patients have been in treatment.

How old is this technology?

In 1945, Dr. H.D. Kesling envisioned that one day modern technology would enable the use of a series of tooth positioners to produce the kinds of movements required for comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Technology has made this vision a reality. Using advanced computer technology, Align generates Invisalign®, a series of customized clear appliances, called “aligners.” Each aligner is worn sequentially by the patient to produce extensive tooth movements in both upper and lower arches.

How many patients are being treated with Invisalign?

Worldwide, almost 250,000 patients have been treated with Invisalign. The number grows daily.

Do doctors need special training in order to use Invisalign?

While Invisalign can be used with virtually any treatment philosophy, specific training is needed. All orthodontists and dentists interested in treating patients with Invisalign must attend training before cases will be accepted from their office. Close to 30,000 orthodontists and dentists worldwide are certified to use Invisalign.

How does Invisalign effectively move teeth?

Like brackets and arch wires are to braces, Invisalign aligners move teeth through the appropriate placement of controlled force on the teeth. The principal difference is that Invisalign not only controls forces, but also controls the timing of the force application. At each stage, only certain teeth are allowed to move, and these movements are determined by the orthodontic treatment plan for that particular stage. This results in an efficient force delivery system.

Has the FDA cleared Invisalign?

Yes, the FDA has reviewed our application and in August 1998 determined that Invisalign is exempt from 510(k) pre-market notification.

What is Invisalign Express?

Invisalign Express is an orthodontic treatment designed to correct mild orthodontic problems such as minor crowding and spacing. Since it’s designed for mild problems only, treatment time is generally less than six months. Ask your Invisalign certified doctor for more information on this new treatment.

Invisalign in NYC

Veneers NYC

Veneers NYC

Veneers in NYC is one way to quickly get that beautiful smile. Veneers and Laminates are a thin shell of porcelain or resin that is bonded to the surface of the teeth. This can change their shape, shade, and position to improve the cosmetics of your teeth and smile. Veneers are also used to replace and restore any lost tooth structure where indicated.

Dr. Veytsman, a NYC Cosmetic Dentist will do a complete examination of your teeth to determine if Veneers are ideal for you. Veneers often provide the opportunity to dramatically transform the aesthetics of your teeth and smile.

Veneers can enhance the shape of your teeth, make your teeth as white as you want, and give you the smile you have always desired. Additionally, Veneers are bonded to your tooth structure, which gives them strength.

Since they are very thin, Veneers are considered one of the most conservative cosmetic treatments available. Most of the time, very little or no tooth structure is removed before placing Veneers. Ask NYC Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Veytsman how Veneers can improve your smile.

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Veneers NYC

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